Kathy and Carol
Kathy & Carol
Kathy Larisch and Carol McComb will be performing at:

Kathy and Carol
with Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin

Freight & Salvage
THIS SUNDAY, January 3rd at 7pm

2020 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA
www.thefreight.org • (510) 644-2020

Tickets $20 in advance/$22 at the door

Kathy & Carol -Keepsake
Kathy & Carol
Hazelwood Records, 2010

Extraordinary harmony with exquisite arrangements of traditional folk, Carter Family songs and Carol's originals. Carol McComb and Kathleen Larisch recorded for Elektra Records in 1965. This is their reunion album after 45 years.

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Kathy, Linda Rondstadt and Carol
at the the Fright & Salvage Coffeehouse

Berkeley, CA - May 2006


Their exquisitely close, haunting harmonies, remarkable for the use of shifting intervals, dissonance and unisons, set Kathy and Carol apart from other artists of the 1960s folk era. The duo received even more attention after the release of their eponymously named 1965 Elektra album, a gorgeous tribute to traditional British Isles and American folk ballads.

Since the recent re-release of Kathy & Carol on CD, the two have been singing together again, rediscovering their old arrangements and creating new ones. Their concert includes many of the songs from that famed album, along with plenty of other great material both old and new, drawn from traditional music, the Carter Family canon, and Carol’s fine originals. Join the duo along with their special guests for an evening of sure-fire musical pleasure.

Carol McComb
made her recording debut for Elektra Records with Kathy and Carol, her duo with Kathy Larisch. The success of the record led to tours with Mimi Fariña and to concert dates with the likes of James Taylor, Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Carol’s early music has withstood the test of time. The web site All Music Guide recently proclaimed: “Although slightly precious in its high-voiced chastity, Kathy and Carol is an acoustic mid-'60s folk album of considerable bittersweet charm and purity. It's better than many traditional acoustic folk albums of its era and worthy of reissue.” (Critic Richie Unterberger.)

Elektra Records, 1965

..."their voices intertwine as if each were the mirror image of the other. Their music is innocent ---innocent of malice and greed---and it is
unabashedly lovely."
---Nat Hentoff, Consmopolitan

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for more information: carol@carolmccomb.com